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Black beans and shrimp sounds like an uncommon combination, but those who taste it approve it. Known as "feijão amigo" (friendly beans), the appetizer is a must-have item on the local menus. The creation is merit of the fishermen at Atafona Beach and it seems like it has been part of the local cuisine forever.   

 Beans with Shrimp at the Gastronomic Center. Photo: Tasso Marcelo/Diadorim Ideias

At sea, to cure the hangover from festivities in land, the fishermen had bean soup with fried shrimp. Beans can be made with meat (beef, pork) or only seasonings. Shrimp is peeled and cooked on the side with onion, tomato, and pepper. When boiling, the shrimps are ready. They are, then, added to the beans and covered in garlic and parsley.

The dish is usually decorated with extra shrimps and seasonings. Toasts and cachaça (typical Brazilian beverage, a sugarcane liqueur) usually accompany the dish.

Aldemir Mendonça Nunes, known as Maradona, waiter at Transa Louca, at Grussaí Beach, teaches the recipe. The dish there costs $ 15 (Brazilian currency). "Even when the dish is out of the menu, if it is ordered, we always make our best to serve it", he assures.

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