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Celebrated for their usual custumers as the only brazier in the world with a piano bar, Le Moustache - Moustache Bar is the liveliest musical point of Nova Iguaçu. On the menu, ham sausage and the top sirloin cap in butter are the preferred by the clientele.

Bigode: businessman, singer and artist. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias

It's on stage, however, that the party happens. "Here the music is the strong point, but nobody gets hungry," says the friendly Jorge Alves, better known as Bigode (Moustache), the one who runs the lively house since 1984.

Graduated in hotel management, Bigode worked in big hotels and hostels in Búzios and in Teresópolis."Once I got tired of what I was doing so I decided to open my own studio bar," said the dealer who decorated the space with pictures, masks and saints made ??by him.

Great names of Brazilian music such as Nara Leão, Joyce, MPB 4 and Jards Macalé have been to Le Moustache. The purpose of the space, however, is to launch talents and to revere the local professionals.

Fond of good music, Bigode used to be a night singer in the 1970s. "I was crowned and received a sash that said 'God of Music in Rio'," recalls him proudly. All of this background makes him a demanding music lover and that is why he is very picky to select the ones to play at the bar."  I respect those who come to the bar and pay the cover charge so it has to be given with excellence". Of course, now and then he also assumes the microphones.

There is music every week at Bigode Bar and the selection comprehends wide genres of music, such as jazz , bossa nova, choro, samba and rock.

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Tuesdays to Sundays

Address: Capitão Sena Street, 185
Phone: (+55 21) 3743-9992
Opening hours:

From 6pm to 2am

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