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The Atores de Laura Theater Company was created in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and has performed throughout Brazil and abroad (at festivals in Lyon, France, Cordoba, in Argentina and Lisbon, in Portugal). More than 20 plays are part of the company's repertoire ? two of them by children ("A casa bem-assombrada", of 1998, and the awarded "A flauta mágica", of 1999).

The company was created after the members met at Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim (Laura Alvim House of Culture). The name of the company is a tribute to the citizen and artist who has contributed much to the state's culture. 

Atores de Laura Theater Company. Promotional Photo.

Initially founded and directed by Daniel Herz and Susanna Kruger, the company started, in June 2009, to be constituted by actors who gathered at a co-op along with director Daniel Herz. Atores de Laura is dedicated, since its beginning, to cooperative work to make the actors the main forces of the scenic game and, from there, to establish the roles of direction, stage design, costume and lighting. The company considers the actor the center piece and most important part of the shows produced, which made the company's style and process distinctive from other companies and granted the company 19 awards.

Since 2000, the company occupies the Miguel Falabella Theater, at NorteShopping Shopping Mall, in Del Castilho. At their own building Atores de Laura offer theater courses to create an audience and offer space for experimentation for groups and companies at Sala Atores de Laura (Laura's Actors Hall), an alternative space founded by the company.

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Address: Miguel Falabella Theater - Dom Hélder Câmara Avenue, 5332
Phone: (+55 21) 7752-6912 / (+55 21) 9162-6334 (Ana Lelis - production director)
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