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One of the main attractions of the Arvoredo Resort Hotel is the traditional "Chá Imperial" held on Saturdays for more than 11 years. The event, offered to its guests and visitors, is led by the manager Rachel Braga who characterizes herself as the Baroness of Santa Maria and tells the story of the farm. The story is enriched with a snack with bread, cakes, jam, cheese, tea and coffee served in silver teapots. After feasting on the delightful food, there is a guided tour to the main farmhouse rooms decorated with furniture and objects from the time it was built.

In 1818, the Prince Regent, Dom João, donated to José Luiz Gomes, Baron of Mambucaba, extensive lands for coffee cultivation. The promising economic activity at the time originated Santa Maria Farm. Honório Hermeto Carneiro Leão, influential politician, took charge of it in 1836. His son and heir, Baron of Santa Maria, demolished the former headquarters and raised another one but larger and more luxurious, which was completed in 1858.

In 1903 during the cattle cycle, Santa Maria Farm was acquired by Count João Leopoldo Modesto Leal. Decades later, the farm was acquired by Ana Heloísa Pascoli and her brother, Augusto, who in 1991 turned the place into the Arvoredo Resort Hotel.

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Address: Santa Maria Road, 68, Santana da Barra, Barra do Piraí.
Phone: (+55 24) 2447-2001
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