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Besides the traditional fish scale accessories, the Arte Peixe Co-Op produces interesting dishes: sausages, nuggets, hamburgers, cakes, and kibbehs made from fish and shrimp, whole or processed. Organizers say everything is 100% natural, no chemicals added. The goal of the co-op is to help promote social inclusion and increase family income. With the support by the City Administration, the co-op participates in the "Feira da Agricultura Familiar" (Family Agriculture Fair), promoted by the Ministry of Agricultural Development.

Arte Peixe was appointed by the Ministry of National Integration as one of the best in Brazil and was created from the "Programa de Organização Produtiva de Comunidades-Produzir (Community Productive orhanization Program), developed by the ministry with Atafona Beach fishermen's wives. In 2007, 20 women gathered to create Arte Peixe. Many of them already peeled shrimp and cut fish for local businesses, but all was done in an artisanal manner. Through Produzir, the activity became a source of income for families. 

Along with the "Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Rural do Estado do Rio de Janeiro-Senar" (Rural Apprenticeship National Service in Rio de Janeiro), the program offered courses on cooperativism, best practices, food hygiene, environment, and fish processing. Today, the production is of 500 kilos a month.

Selected by the public notice for the "Apoio ao Desenvolvimento de Modelos de Inovação Tecnológica Social" (Support and Development of Social Technological Innovation Models) of "Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro- Faperj" (Rio de Janeiro State Foundation for Research Support), the Arte Peixe invested in machines to increase the number of women in the co-op.

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Address: Nossa Senhora da Penha Avenue - Atafona
Phone: (+55 22) 9994-16649 / (+55 21) 9990-82179 (Fernanda)

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