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House of Culture in Aperibé Photo: Cris Isidoro/Diadorim Ideias
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Opened on September 8, 2007, Aperibé's House of Culture is located in the former Leopoldina Railway Station.

The house hosts a permanent museum and its collection is composed by objects donated by the city founders' families, with almost 2,000 catalogued pieces - including documents, photos, furniture, musical instruments, craft tools, and garments - that, altogether, tell the story of the region.

Among these relics, some that most attract visitors' attention are the antique watch and weapon collections from the now extinct "grupo da morte" (death gang) that was active during the 19th century in the region.

Even an archaic dentist's chair and objects from the first barber shop in the city are on display. "Families used to consider selling their historical objects, but today they know how valuable it is to have them cared for and on display at the House of Culture", says Marcelo Hungria, the institution's chairman.

At the house's premises, there also is a hall called "Espaço vivo" (Living Space), where art exhibitions and book release, as well as other literary events, are held.

On average, eight exhibitions are presented to the public every year, allowing local artists to have their work showcased. Exhibitions commonly feature paintings, paper sculptures, wooden and metal objects, as well as handcrafted items.

Decorated by locals and featuring artwork by artist from the city of Itaocara Henrique Resende, the House of Culture in Aperibé has an average of 800 visitors from nearby areas every month. 

General Information

Address: Francisco Blanc Square, Downtown.
Phone: (+55 22) 3864-1569
Opening hours:

Daily, from 7am to 9pm.

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