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Andressa Lyrio Couto is one of the talents revealed in the Baixada Animada Festival ? Mostra Iberoamericana de Animação (Baixada Animada Festival - Ibero-American Animation Cinema Show). The girl was born in 1994 and she has in her curriculum the direction of eight short films and the participation in other numerous festivals in the country and abroad. Early on, with the help of a computer teacher, she began creating her first digital characters when she was a teenager. Later, she joined the faculty of Graphic Design, making Animation her career choice.

Parental support, her biggest fans, was precious and that touches Andressa. "My father improvised a light table so I could draw and my mother helps me do the voices of the characters," she says . Her most recent work, Dreams, mix stop motion and digital animation to tell the story of a girl who lives trapped in a black and white world, until she opens the bedroom door to colorful experiences. The character of the short film looks like Andressa. "I think I always have a little bit of me in the stories," she confesses.

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