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 Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias
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Almir Tã is a fisherman, an artist, a community leader and a writer, born and raised in Araújo Island. The "caiçara" (inhabitants of coastal area) created the Reading is an Art Public Library which was later turned into Reading Point by the Ministry of Culture and it has a collection of more than three thousand volumes.

Tã and the library he created in Paraty. Photo: Isabela Kassowr/Diadorim Ideias

"It all started when I found a box with 15 books in the trash and decided to organize a library in my house, open to residents," explains the descendent of Indians Guayanãs.

Tã is also the author of the book Caiçara Culture, launched at Paraty International Book Fair (Flip) in 2012. The work, written and illustrated by him, discusses the elements of the community that depend on fishing, on the canoe, on the paddle and on the fishing net. The book also presents legends and typical sea food recipes. "At my table, it is impossible not to have fried crab pie  nor roasted fish," says Tã, who is a great cook.

According to Tã, the canoe is the ultimate symbol of his culture. "Besides being essential for the transport, especially for those who live on an island, the canoe is the most perfect connection between the fisherman and the fishing. The canoe to "caiçaras" is like the subway to workers in big cities," explains Almir. He manufactures wooden miniature canoes for children from Araujo Island so they become acquainted with the boat.

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Address: Araújo Island, house across the Pier, Rio-Santos Highway on its way to SP (10 km before reaching Paraty)
Phone: (+55 24) 99841-8752

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