Aliança Farm

Cultural Heritage - Barra do Piraí


The Aliança Farm is situated along the Highway RJ-145, between the towns of Barra do Piraí and Valença. Displaying a neoclassical entrance, the main house is distinguished by the horizontality of the building.

The yards of coffee, located on the side of the main house, form two large rectangles surrounded by what remains of other buildings ? one is the old well-preserved farm mill, and the others are the remaining of the slave quarters with its foundations and stone walls.

The property has a built-seat chapel integrated to the house including a beautiful altar in carved painted wood, a characteristic of the Paraíba Valley farms. There is also a small oratory built into the wall with a decorative oil painting on wood. Aliança Farm was listed by Instituto do Patrimônio Cultural ? Inepac (National Institute of Cultural Heritage). The farm is not open to visits.

General Information

Address: RJ-145 Highway, km 10, Barra do Piraí.

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